Audrey Krebs, founding member of Aging Services Consultants, is a highly experienced and dedicated professional in the field of aging services. With over 25 years of experience, she has established herself as a valuable resource for seniors and their families. Audrey holds certifications as both a Senior Advisor and an Assisted Living Administrator, which reflects her commitment to providing comprehensive and informed guidance to her clients.

One notable aspect of Audrey’s career is her significant involvement in public service. She served as a County Commissioner for over nine years, during which time she contributed to local governance and decision-making. Her service extended to the regional level as well, as she was a member of a 9-county area agency aging board of directors. This demonstrates her dedication to advocating for the needs and concerns of older adults on a broader scale.

Audrey’s passion for serving older adults shines through in her work. Her unique combination of extensive experience and a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of seniors sets her apart. She understands the challenges and complexities that come with aging, and she leverages her knowledge and expertise to enhance the quality of life for her clients.

Currently, Audrey continues to actively contribute to the field of aging services by serving as a member of the Jefferson County Council on Aging and as a member of the Certified Senior Advisors. These roles allow her to stay connected to the community and up-to-date with the latest developments and best practices in senior care and support.

In summary, Audrey Krebs is a seasoned professional with a deep passion for serving older adults. Her certifications, extensive experience, and ongoing involvement in various organizations make her a valuable asset to the aging services community and a trusted advocate for seniors and their families.

Janelle Hungerford is a dedicated Senior Care Specialist. She is highly regarded in the healthcare field for her deep compassion and commitment to assisting seniors and their families. Janelle is passionate about providing service and guiding individuals and families through the often complex challenges of aging. 

She is a certified support group facilitator through the Alzheimer’s Association and has more than 10 years of experience working in Senior Living communities with specialized training in Dementia care. Janelle has also worked for the Veterans Health Administration as a Health Systems Specialist and continues her connection and education with her family of Veterans. 

Janelle resides in Golden, CO with her husband, three active children, and two cats. In her spare time, she loves participating in local events in Golden, spending time with friends and family, enjoying Colorado’s beautiful weather, skiing, hiking, and watching soccer games! Currently, Janelle is a member of the Leadership Golden education program and focused on increasing access and education to the rapidly growing population of seniors in our community.


Russ D. – “Audrey’s calm demeanor and intimate knowledge of Hospice Care has helped me and my family through a challenging and difficult time.  Highly recommend her.”

Leslie H. – “Audrey goes above and beyond. She has a special gift to connect with families and she truly cares.”

Susan K. – ” Thank you for all your assistance and everything you have done to help our family.”

Patti S. – “I felt confident in the environment immediately based on the attention, transparency, and accessibility you provided. Facilitating all of the communications throughout the past few months was more helpful than you know!”

Happy clients. Happy consultant.